Mt Rushmore Vacation October 2018

Mt Rushmore Monument

Mt Rushmore October 2018 Vacation – 25th Wedding Anniversary
Steve & Esther Parker 9/18/93 – 10/17/18

Esther has been wanting to go to Mt Rushmore for a few years.  I was not to keen on it.  We were trying to buy a car for our son and they had a cream puff car I wanted in Denver. So we found some cheap flights on Southwest went up and bought the car then drove to Mt Rushmore.  Pretty cool place actually.  The air was so clean.  And the weather was perfect; sunny and 50 degrees.  We lucked out in many ways.

The below video is a surprise video by our new Cannon SX740 camera.  It somehow captured these moments of out trip.  Sweet!


Walking up to Mt Rushmore.

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