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I play a ton of World of Tanks along with coaching youth football. I’ve been playing WOT since 2012. As I transition our of coaching, I will be playing more World of Tanks, target shooting, scrabble with the wife and hiking & camping.

You can find me on the web at these sites and in game on World of Tanks by Schotzakrieger. or or

I am only an average World of Tanks player. I have not joined a clan although I am asked a lot. I have several tier 10 tanks but not really into playing at Tier 10. Playing at tier 10 is more competitive than I care to play and commit my time to learn. I enjoy playing and wasting time killing some tanks. I enjoy tiers 4 through 9 the most.

As of 12/2020, My favorite tank in World of Tanks is a Tier 5 light tank; the British Covenanter. It is a small quick light tank with a autoloading Bofors gun that deals a quick burst of alpha damage. If you shoot Gold rounds you are competitive with higher tier tanks. WOT recently moved the Covenanter from tier 4 to tier 5 and gave it a little buff. It is still a great tank for my play style.


I also like tank destroyers in World of Tanks. Light tanks and TDs are my favorite tank classes in WOT. I am not very good at brawling in heavy tanks so I like to hide and snipe. Tand Destroyers with rotating turrents are my favorite style of TDs. I like the American T67, Wolverine, Hellcat, Jackson, Super Hellcat, T25/2 and T30. For me, the American T67 and T25/2 are very good. The T67 is a Beast and I am just partial to the T25/2 shooting gold.

But my two favorite tank destroyers are actually premium TDs; the German Tier 8 Skorpion G and the Russian Tier 8 SU-130PM. They both play alike and with hard hitting guns. Plus they make you a ton of credits since they are premium tanks.

RHM Skorpion G

Come on over and join me in tank battle at World of Tanks.

Schotzakrieger the WotNoob

I have also started posting some WOT game replays here too – World of Tanks Replays